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Weekly Classes

Weekly classes are taught by our trusted staff and meet regularly to focus on growth and refinement. These teachers all are experienced and bring an expertise in mentoring. These classes are great for those that want something consistent and prefer to build a relationship with the teacher. You can purchase a drop-in pass and attend as often as you see fit but we recommend purchasing 10 class pass for a better value if you consistently will attend. 

To sign up for a weekly class with a specific teacher, click on the "Register for Class" button below and select your desired teacher. The level and days they teach are listed as well. From there, please select the date you would like to take with them, fill out booking details, then pay. Upon arrival on the day of the class check in with the receptionist by giving your name. 

Walk-ins the day of the class are also welcome but registering ahead of time insures your spot in case capacity is reached!   

We also suggest making an account! That way you can view and reschedule your classes at any time prior to class. 

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