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Children's Classes

Children's classes typically take place between late Sept/ early Oct - early May for ages 4-teen. Within this time, the classes are split into two phases: weekly (non-recital) classes and recital prep classes. 

  1. Weekly (non-recital) classes will take place for the first part of the season and will have open enrollment. All students are welcome to drop in week by week.
    *Then there is a month long break for the holidays.

  2. Then annual recital prep begins where classes have closed enrollment. The recital takes place each May. 


Weekly (non-recital) classes

  • We suggest registering before each class but walk-ins will be accepted as well.

  • To register for weekly (non-recital) classes, you will go to...


Recital Prep Classes

  • Registration for recital prep classes between must be completed prior to them starting. Enrollment will be closed after that. This allows the teachers to have a set list of participating students to prepare their recital pieces.

  • Purchasing a recital package through the website will cover all corresponding recital prep classes, costume for the class, and any make-up classes needed. 

    • If you need to pay in installments, you can do so using the Affirm payment method at checkout. This will allow you to spread your payment out over time. 

    • Tickets for the recital will need to be purchased separately closer to the recital date. 

  • To register, you will go to...

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